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Pests on Your Property

by: Mike Boehm, Orput Companies Property Management Director

I have been fortunate during my career and have not dealt with many pests that slither, craw, fly, or walk on four legs. I have encountered bald faced hornets, mice, geese and raccoons on a few occasions. Trapping and eradicating the raccoons proved to be a challenging and time consuming task. I used a licensed live animal control expert who visited the site on a daily basis until the issue was resolved. I was happy with the results and have used his services on more than one occasion.

When asked if a maintenance team should take care of hornets or other pests I always suggest using a licensed service, the third party vendor will have insurance in case something doesn’t work out as planned and will typically treat areas until the issue is solved without additional charges. Please read this IREM blog post for further information.

photo credit: Ryan McGuire