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New Product Designs Lowering the Cost of Utilities

by: Mike Boehm, Orput Companies Property Management Director

Property Managers are continuously looking for ways to lower the cost of utilities consumed by office tenants. Minimizing the cost of utilities allows managers to achieve a higher base rent resulting in higher profitability for the owner of the asset. Property managers achieve this goal by educating their tenants and thru the installation of specialized equipment to decrease use while not affecting the desired results of the tenants or their guests. One way to decrease water use is to install hands free faucets that are activated by a sensor and deactivated by a timer. Like all specialized equipment, these faucets can cost more than traditional faucets and create new and different maintenance routines for the facilities team.

I am intrigued by the design of the faucet mentioned in this article, it will be interesting if the designer can cost effectively produce the faucet using parts that minimize ongoing maintenance and reduce water in an amount that warrants the purchase price. Property Managers who manage “A” level office buildings may like the look and feel of this faucet in order to create an advantage over similar properties in their trading area. Read the article and see what you think.

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